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u-Smart Technology is an international technology company which dedicated in innovative information service and development of hardware and software.

We are the exclusive distributor or reseller of German - MAGIX, Taiwan - NewSoft, US - Sphero and Iceland - AirServer. Through the combination of various agency products and the rich experiences and ability of marketing, we provide the best quality services for original manufacturers and customers. The sales channels include online platforms and retail bases, and the service targets include government, enterprises, which also covers the education field from primary school to university. More than 80% of schools in Taiwan have purchased or experienced our products and services.

Our developed brand – Nugens Technology, is a professional brand for developing office hardware and multimedia accessories. We have combined our developed software with Nugens’ hardware, which helps to add brand value, product value and brand appreciation. u-Smart’s services and products have been spoken highly in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Dubai, China and Europe. Due to the high demands of distance learning, business conference, and the development of 5G, the sales of Nugens’ video conferencing devices have highly increased and gained a lot of good reputation. Nugens is based in Taiwan, and also focusing on the Asia Pacific to provide the best services and products for business and educational field.

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u-Smart Technology strives for providing the best services and solutions, searching for new partners and opportunities. If you are interested in partnering with us, it’s our pleasure and we are more than happy to receive you. Contact NOW.