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u-Smart Tech is a pioneering research and agency company dedicated to digital media innovation technology, cutting-edge office education software, and hardware solutions. Operating under the esteemed NUGENS brand, we champion the ethos of "Digital Technology, Innovative Living, Educational Technology, and Digital Learning."

As we are based in Taiwan, our local team of software and hardware developers fuels our commitment to excellence. Our aspiration is nothing short of establishing a globally recognized tech enterprise, poised to lead the way in delivering innovative solutions internationally.

Nugens Technology, our flagship brand, specializes in crafting premium office hardware and multimedia accessories. By seamlessly integrating our proprietary software with Nugens’ hardware, we elevate both brand recognition and product value, fostering greater appreciation among our clientele.

Renowned for excellence, u-Smart’s offerings have garnered acclaim across key markets including Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Dubai, China, and Europe. Amidst burgeoning demand for distance learning, professional conferences, and the advent of 5G technology, Nugens’ video conferencing devices have witnessed a remarkable surge in sales, earning widespread acclaim.

Headquartered in Taiwan, Nugens maintains a steadfast commitment to serving the Asia Pacific region, delivering unparalleled services and products tailored to the needs of both businesses and educational institutions.

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u-Smart Technology strives for providing the best services and solutions, searching for new partners and opportunities. If you are interested in partnering with us, it’s our pleasure and we are more than happy to receive you. Contact NOW.